ATTENTION: Because of Increased Demand, We Can Only Guarantee The Current Price If You Purchase On Or Before

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ATTENTION: Because of Increased Demand, We Can Only Guarantee The Current Price of $400 If You Purchase On Or Before

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What If You Could Experience:

Working with your dream clients

A 15x price increase

Regularly meeting with billion dollar companies

How would that change your business and your life?  

And these are just a few of the results our clients live with, most after just 60 minutes with Alex Berman's x27 team. 

It’s Time To Transform Your Company

Let’s Triple Your Revenue & Charge What You're Worth 

ATTENTION: Because of Increased Demand, We Can Only Guarantee The Current Price of $400 If You Purchase On Or Before

Your business survival and success depends on having well-paying customers that buy from you consistently.  

But most business owners don’t have any formal sales or marketing training.  

While you have mastered your craft and are amazing at what you do, attracting clients and getting paid well can be a whole different skill-set you need to master but aren’t prepared for.  

Have you wondered…  

“Why some businesses can charge tens of thousands a project while others only bill a $30-$50 an hour?”  

It’s because they have a roadmap that allows them to  

-Get their ideal clients on demand without relying on referrals.  

-Establish themselves as an industry expert and charge more.  

-Position and present an offer that has a higher percentage of closing.  

-Take action in a systematic way with full confidence and accountability.  

After helping hundreds of established businesses double, triple and even quadruple their revenue…  

We have perfected an approach that allows service based businesses and freelancers to land higher paying clients…  

Have new business coming to you instead of chasing it…  

Establish yourself as an expert ensuring you rise above the competition.  

After our team generated over $10 million in B2B sales, we've gotten good at fast results.  

I’m Alex Berman and our team has helped hundreds of established business owners attain life-changing results when it comes to generating leads and closing more sales for their business.  

I personally know how challenging it can get…  

From prospects not responding to your emails to not being able to close the deal when you finally get the meeting.  

Things get even harder with all the information and tips floating out there.  

While some of them are genuinely helpful, they are not structured in a way that is easy to follow and can guarantee results.  

I’ve made it our mission to help you craft an action plan which will help take your business to the next level.  

"You helped us bring in over $100,000 within the first three months"

Predictable, Consistent Leads

I know what you are going through…. The constant worry about paying rent and the stress of chasing after payments from your clients to keep your business afloat. I was in a similar state of stress when I started out as a junior sales manager back at a New York agency. Back then I had nothing. I was staying in a rental apartment with 4 roommates in New York, barely making rent and not feeling free.  

Time was ticking and I had to find a way to succeed.  

I tried every tactic and made it out the other side - personally closing $1.25 million in business in a year, growing the agency’s revenue to $6 million which helped me become the top salesperson, even outperforming the founder and the sales directors!  

Today I am blessed to have our team helping hundreds of other agency and business owners succeed in getting more leads and selling better.  

And now I want us to help you replicate my success and help unleash the growth and sales your business deserves. 

Like what we have done for:

“Our marketing agency is booked solid to the point we have to turn people away, we increased our prices because now we are providing more and better services and we have moved up to much higher scale clients!”

-Charles Kirkland

x27 Generated One Million Dollars in Closed Business for Our Company

We took a 40-person business from 14 to 150+ leads a month in 8 months (and over a million in closed business, a 16% increase in yearly revenue). This number is compounding every month since the lead increase was permanent, and the revenue bump put them on the INC 5000 fastest growing companies for the third year in a row.

Helping our clients win business and book meetings with incredible brands like:  

In Just 1 Hour Over The Phone, One-on-One, We Will:

-Go through your business and biggest challenges:  

We will break down the biggest blockers that are stopping you from experiencing breakthrough results.  

-Come out with a detailed plan of action tailored to you, this can include:  

How to close more deals at a higher price more consistently (how to restructure your offer) 

How to pull in high paying clients month after month (how to build cold email outreach campaigns).  

How to find the places where your best clients are hanging out, just waiting to hear from you.  

Have an existing list of prospects? - We will come up with an approach to have your calendar fully booked with meetings in a matter of days.  

-Keep you accountable and eager to execute the plan and experience the incredible results that could literally change your business overnight.  

Best of all, we will be doing most of the heavy lifting, telling you exactly what you need to do, personally writing the email scripts for you, coaching you exactly what to say and how to say it.  

Done-for-you solution!  

Are We A Good Fit?  

As great as this sounds, this is NOT for everyone. Here is who we CAN help:  

-You must have a good credible service with a respectable reputation  

-You must be coachable and follow directions  

If you meet the above criteria, let’s take the next step and get started!  

ATTENTION: Because of Increased Demand, We Can Only Guarantee The Current Price of $400 If You Purchase On Or Before

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We look forward to working with you!  

Sincerely, Alex Berman Co-Founder, X27 

P.S. The results seen for nearly all our clients are insane. We aim to 10x your investment whenever you work with us. Let’s get started!  

What If This Doesn’t Work For Me? 

In the unlikely event that you have taken action and the plan doesn’t deliver results, we'll make it right, whether through additional consulting or other means. All we ask is that you implement what we discuss and report on the results.

Every single one of our calls has delivered results for our clients and we are confident we can bring groundbreaking results for you too.  

ATTENTION: Because of Increased Demand, We Can Only Guarantee The Current Price of $400 If You Purchase On Or Before

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Case Studies:

Cold Emails Are Bogus!

Dean Soto from Pro Sulum thought that X27 was "bogus" at first because "cold emails don't really work." He "needed to have something in [his] business that could be consistent." After hiring us, he stated that we brought "consistencies to [his] business that [he] didn't have before."

New Leads (And $3,000 in Ticket Sales)

We held a Stack Overflow event for a client that generated $3000 in ticket sales, lead to a guest blog on the Invision site and attracted several new hires. Another event we threw at WeWork in NYC for a different client generated 10 new retainer clients, whilst also paying for itself with 95 attendees at $20 per ticket.

More Consistency

We helped an LA-based company create an outbound client acquisition program that regularly brings in more leads than their inbound marketing funnel.

3x More Leads Year-Over-Year  

Last year we grew one of our client’s pipelines from 300 leads per month to 333 in the first 30 days (an 11% increase) and found several issues with conversion on their site. Fixing those lead to a 3x increase in their number of leads over the next year.